Sarah Murcia & Kamilya Jubran

Origin: France, Palestine

The multicolored Arabic word-poetry wraps around sounds. A fascinating recital for voice and strings.


Sarah Murcia (ac.bass) & Kamilya Jubran (oud,vocal)

Sarah Murcia &  Kamilya Jubran

About us

The encounter between an extraordinary Palestinian singer and oudist, Kamilya Jubran, and an equally unmissable Franco-Spanish bassist-leader, Sarah Murcia. Rhythm and verb are linked, the multicolored Arabic word-poetry wraps around sounds.

Kamilya Jubran, a Palestinian singer determined to play the oud and move to Europe, while seeking an original musical path between the Arab traditions and contemporary elements. Some artists cannot be seen out of context. This is certainly the case for the Palestinian artist Kamilya Jubran. For 30 years, she has combined music with resistance, in a career that is impossible to pin down. Poetry, emotion and political commitment find each other in an ideal world where cultural, political and genre boundaries have been lifted. Music in constant development. 

In the world of improvised music, jazz and musical creation, Sarah Murcia is a familiar, respected, essential figure. Above all, she is a tireless explorer, curious about any artistic encounter.