Airelle Besson quartet

Origin: France

Luminous, ethereal, delicate music. An ethereal, sensual journey. An organic, lively album.


Airelle Besson : Trumpet - Lynn Cassiers : Vocal - Benjamin Moussay : Piano, Fender Rhodes, bass synth - Fabrice Moreau : drums


Airelle Besson quartet

About us

With their new album Try, Airelle Besson and her musicians continue to explore the paths of sensitive jazz. Carried by the pure, powerful voice of Lynn Cassiers, the improvisations and dialogues between trumpet, piano and percussion create a music that is luminous, ethereal and delicate.

Discovered by the general public in 2015 with her critically acclaimed album Radio One ("Revelation" at the Victoires du Jazz awards), Airelle Besson's passion for the trumpet dates back to her earliest years. A love of the instrument has made her one of the most awarded jazz trumpeters in the world. Musician, performer, orchestrator, producer, arranger (notably for the famous British pop group Metronomy): Airelle Besson is the embodiment of the French jazz revival.

Concerts on the frontiers of free jazz and pop, enhanced by Airelle Besson's improvisational talent, pianist Benjamin Moussay's melodic contributions, Fabrice Moreau's spellbinding rhythm and Lynn Cassiers' subtly dazzling vocals. There's a natural understanding between these four, their music born of multiple influences, but also of a shared passion: that of offering us suspended, universal moments where trumpet and song respond or melt in unison.

 Try draws swirls between light and shade, hot and cold, inviting us to take an aerial and sensual journey. Organic and lively, this bewitching album will accompany you on your journey.