Sylvain Rifflet Aux Anges

Origin: France

Like all great musicians, Sylvain Rifflet has forged a unique sound and an inimitable, instantly recognisable musical style over the years.


Sylvain Rifflet - saxophone & Shruti box, Verneri Pohjola - trumpett, Philippe Gordiani - guitar, Benjamin Flament - percussion


Sylvain Rifflet Aux Anges

About us

In the ten years since he opened his discography with Mechanics (winner of a Victoire du Jazz award), Sylvain Rifflet has demonstrated a definite taste for demanding, skilfully-constructed programmes. Aux Anges is no exception to the rule, although it does show a more personal side to the saxophonist's work, with each of the pieces on offer honouring a reference. Abbey Lincoln, Moondog, Stan Getz, Jon Irabagon, Steve Reich and even James Baldwin or Claude Sautet are all featured on a highly written, dynamic and relatively electric, even electronic, framework between Philippe Gordiani's guitars, Verneri Pohjola's trumpet and effects and Benjamin Flament's percussion...