Sylvain Rifflet Tr!ple

Origin: France


Sylvain Rifflet - sax, B├ętina Kee - keyboards, Vincent Taeger - drums


Sylvain Rifflet Tr!ple

About us

TRi!PLE is a new kind of trio. Free from influences.
A jazz trio ... but not just jazz. Melodic and danceable, written and free, acoustic and electronic.
Tailor-made for drummer Vincent Taeger and keyboardist Bettina Kee.
A sonic shift with this singular formula, but also an aesthetic shift.
Borrowing heavily from the codes of electronic music and rock, the trio's music is built around rhythms, combinations of timbres and precise atmospheres, developing spaces that are sometimes dreamlike and soaring, sometimes more muscular and committed.

> listen to 4 demo tracks ICI