Lucian Ban - Mat Maneri : Transylvanian Dance

Origin: Roumanie, USA

Developing their own universe from Bartók's repertoire of folk songs, these immense musicians invent improvised chamber music with a great refinement of sound textures, at once lyrical and expressionist.


duo Lucian Ban - piano, Mat Maneri - violin (or trio avec John Surman - sax, clarinette)

Lucian Ban - Mat Maneri : Transylvanian Dance

About us

On their second ECM duo album Romanian pianist Lucian Ban and US violist Mat Maneri find fresh inspiration as they follow the trail of Béla Bartók, revisiting the folk music that spurred the imagination of the great Hungarian composer who, in the early 20th century, collected and transcribed numerous pieces from Transylvania. For the duo these songs have become “springboards and sources of melodic material” for arrangements “that capture the spirit of the original yet allow us to improvise and bring our own world to them. If you go deeper into the source material, new vistas open up. These folk songs teach us many things.” Recorded live in October 2022 in the context of the Retracing Bartók project in Timișoara, these performances also bear testimony to the finely attuned understanding that Lucian Ban and Mat Maneri have achieved in their long-running musical partnership.