Ana Carla Maza

Origin: Cuba

A cello, a voice: breathtaking and seductive !


Ana Carla Maza - vocal, cello (Cuba), Irving Acao - saxophone (Cuba), Luis A Guerra - percussions (Cuba), Marc Ayza - drums (Spain), Norman Peplow - keyboards (Germany)


new album "Caribe" 2023 October 13th

new project "Caribe" from May 2023


Womex selection 2023
Babel Music XP
Jazzahead 2023
Womex 2020
Ana Carla Maza

About us

Cuban composer/cellist/singer Ana Carla Maza reconnects to her Havana upbringing and Latin American heritage with Caribe, a self-produced album featuring a vibrant brass-heavy quartet. The recording pays homage to Afro-Cuban descarga jams of the 1950s while exploring the rich rhythms of the Caribbean, Argentinean tangos, and hints of Brazilian bossa-jazz and samba, resulting in a joyful musical fusion.

Born in Cuba when Wim Wenders was recording Buena Vista Social Club, the cellist and singer virtuoso Ana Carla Maza made her debut on stage at the age of ten and never stoped evolving internationally from then on.

Ana Carla began her musical life at just 5 years old, introduced to piano by the late Miriam Valdés, sister of the living legend Chucho Valdés. She was first introduced to the cello, the instrument that would shape her, at 8 years old and appeared on stage for the first time in Havana when she was barely 10. Fast-forward from her musical upbringing in Havana to 2012, when she moved to Paris to study at the Conservatoire, a decisive move as it was the beginning of her solo career and Paris would become the base for her live show, from where she began spreading her sound throughout Europe (in 2022 she performed over 150 concerts).

Touring bands:

trio / quartet / quintet


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A gorgeous multilingual voyage through Cuban, Brazilian, Argentine and Peruvian songcraft.”


“She combines Latin dance rhythms with the elfin spirit of Parisian chanson and a nod in the direction of Astor Piazzolla”


Ana Carla Maza
Date Concert Place
12 Apr Ana Carla Maza / Association Scène aux Champs / AM Saubrigues (40) Association Scène aux Champs
13 Apr Ana Carla Maza / Entracte {20:30-00:00} Mugron / Entracte
17 Apr Ana Carla Maza / Serious Productions Tour UK ?
18 Apr Ana Carla Maza / Serious Productions / AM London (EC) Serious Productions
20 Apr Ana Carla Maza / Maquiz'art Eymet (24) Maquiz'art
25 Apr Ana Carla Maza / P&J Music Praha 2 (12) P&J Music
30 Apr Ana Carla Maza / Espace Culturel de Saint-Genis Laval - La Mouche {20:00-21:30} Saint-Genis Laval cedex (69) Espace Culturel de Saint-Genis Laval - La Mouche
02 May Ana Carla Maza / Serious Productions / AM London (EC) Serious Productions
03 May Ana Carla Maza / Serious Productions / AM London (EC) Serious Productions
05 May Ana Carla Maza / Kino Music srl Ravenna
09 May Ana Carla Maza / Jazz dans le bocage {22:30-00:00} Rocles (03) Jazz dans le bocage
12 May Ana Carla Maza / Concertburo Uli Fild Rorschach/CH
13 May Ana Carla Maza / Concertburo Uli Fild BASEL
14 May Ana Carla Maza / Le Train Théatre Portes les Valences (26) Le Train Théatre
15 May Ana Carla Maza / Salle Nougaro {20:30-22:00} Toulouse cedex 3 (31) Salle Nougaro
17 May Ana Carla Maza / Théatre du Vesinet {20:30-00:00} Le Vésinet cedex (78) Théatre du Vesinet
21 May Ana Carla Maza / Charleville Action Jazz {20:00-22:00} Charleville-Mézières (0) / Théâtre de Charleville-Mézières
30 May Ana Carla Maza / Mairie du bouscat / AM {20:30-22:00} null / Mairie du bouscat
01 Jun Ana Carla Maza / Le boeuf sur le toit {20:30-00:00} Lons le Saunier (39) Le boeuf sur le toit