Dooble - Rifflet & Gordiani

Origin: France

the duo, formed by saxophonist and clarinettist Sylvain Rifflet and electronic composer Philippe Gordiani, offers unique composite music that combines influences from jazz, electro and repetitive music.


Sylvain Rifflet : saxophone, Philippe Gordiani: electronicc

Dooble - Rifflet & Gordiani

About us

Dooble is a four-handed duo with electronic music musician Philippe Gordiani. A dialogue between the instruments of the saxophonist and the machines of the composer.

Imagine resolutely electronic music, sometimes soaring, sometimes dancing, often repetitive and always minimalist, mixing chiseled writing for an instrumentalist (saxophone and clarinet) and machines. Fruit of several orders for film music (documentaries) for his brother director Arthur Rifflet, Philippe Gordiani and Sylvain Rifflet decided to develop and adapt this project to put it on stage. Originally composed from sequences that Sylvain proposed to Philippe, Dooble's music is the hybridization of their respective musical universes: like an imaginary encounter between Colin Stetson, Philippe Glass and Ryuchi Sakamoto and a few others for whom they share boundless admiration.

4-track EP in May/June 2023 and Album to be released in October 2023.