Airelle Besson - Lionel Suarez Duo

Origin: France

The inspired breath of Airelle Besson's trumpet and Lionel Suarez's colourful accordion. Their compositions are a blend of tenderness, danceable spirit and complicity.


Lionel Suarez : Accordion - Airelle Besson : Trumpet


Airelle Besson - Lionel Suarez Duo

About us

Airelle Besson, a multi-award-winning jazz trumpeter, has been lighting up European stages since 2015 at the head of several projects: duos, quartets, and even an orchestra.
Lionel Suarez has become the essential accordionist who has rehabilitated his 'classical' instrument into a fertile interface for all kinds of music.

An intimate duo, their compositions and improvisations are characterised by a blend of tenderness, danceable spirit and complicity... A rare combination of the brilliance of the trumpet and the mellowness of the accordion, combined with the liveliness, even the explosion, of Airelle's daring proposals and the sensitive inventions orchestrated by Lionel. It's worth emphasising just how much these two have a knack for natural simplicity, quickly shared with an audience in complicity. For while their virtuosity is amply established, it would not inspire the same enthusiasm without the captivating melodic and narrative qualities of this generous recital.