Nguyên Lê - Chris Jennings - Rhani Krija

Origin: France/ Vietnam - Canada - Maroc

"Silk & Sand" is Nguyên Lê's new recording and live project: a trio with Chris Jennings on double bass and Rhani Krija on percussion.


Nguyên Lê - guitar, Chris Jennings - ac.bass, Rhani Krija - percussion


About us

Silk, the image of Asia and the Orient, whose reflections sparkle in the sand of the African deserts. The fervour of the melodies soars to the rhythms of trance, the song of the instruments crosses the continents, without faltering in their origin. The finesse born of the butterfly, in luminous nuptials with the first earth.

On the occasion of my album "Three Trios" recorded in 1996, I named two pieces "Silk" and "Sand". "The Silk that is woven, precious and strong, when musicians play together and the Sand of the deserts that haunt musicians in search of elsewhere. Twenty-six years on, the songs live on like pebbles along the path we trace as we move forward.

The project also exists as a duo: Nguyên Lê & Chris Jennings

Nguyên Lê was born in Paris of Vietnamese parents. For over 20 years, he has constantly blended his identity as a jazz guitarist with the creation of projects on Vietnam (Tales from Viêt-Nam, Huong Thanh, Hanoi Duo, Overseas), North Africa (Maghreb & Friends, Karim Ziad, Dhafer Youssef) and West Africa (Etienne Mbappé), the West Indies (Ultramarine), Turkey (Kudsi Erguner), India and Japan (Saiyuki) and Korea (Baraji). As well as becoming an internationally acclaimed and sought-after jazz musician, Nguyên Lê has experimented with reinterpreting and arranging traditional music from many countries. By exploring each ethnic specificity as a treasure, his identity as a jazz musician has become increasingly unique. Collaborating with traditional musicians has transformed his music and forged his spirit. Nguyên Lê is now responding to this gift by writing his own compositions based on this inner fusion.