Omar Sosa quarteto AfroCubano

Origin: Cuba

Omar Sosa has established himself not only as the great reformer of contemporary Afro-Caribbean music, but also as one of the most emblematic musicians of the cross-fertilisation that is turning the world's musical landscape upside down.


Omar Sosa – Piano, Ernesto Simpson – Drums, Childo Tomas – Electric Bass, Leandro Saint-Hill – Soprano Saxophone


Omar Sosa quarteto AfroCubano

About us

Internationally renowned Cuban pianist Omar Sosa draws his influences from his Afro-Cuban roots, as well as from jazz, hip-hop, world music and electro.

While he has always kept one foot firmly planted in the traditions of his native island, this citizen of the world has shown an insatiable curiosity, tirelessly exploring music from the Caribbean to India, and from West Africa to the Arab world. This diversity of experience and sense of openness is reflected in the fabulous 'afrocubano' quartet, where Childo Tomas (bassist originally from Mozambique) rubs shoulders with Ernesto Simpson (drums) and Leandro Saint-Hill (saxes, flute, percussion...). A celebration of rhythm in all its forms, an Omar Sosa concert is always an intense, total experience - some might even say mystical!