Omar Sosa

Origin: Cuba

Sosa's music is the unifying sort, yoking together Africa and jazz and Latin America and hip-hop.

Omar Sosa

About us

Omar Sosa has not only received several Grammy nominations for his albums, the Cuban is also without doubt the highest regarded pianist of the current generation. Sosa's music covers a wide stylistic spectrum and is moulded by diverse influences: the composer and pianist creates an individual blend of Cuban music, African elements, jazz, avantgarde and World Music. His career embodies the expansive outlook of a visionary artist who has taken Monk’s uncompromising spirit to heart, while working ceaselessly to craft and project a unique, cosmopolitan voice. his art encompasses a remarkable range of influences: European symphonic repertoire, religious music of Gnawa, traditional sounds of Senegal and other far-flung idioms have coursed through his work.

Touring bands: 
duo with Paolo Fresu
duo with Gustavo Ovalles
duo with Stracho Temelkovski
duo with Joo Kraus
trio 'Suba' with Seckou Keita & Gustavo Ovalles
trio 'Aguas' with Yilian Canizares & Gustavo Ovalles
trio 'Vibe Factor' with Joo Kraus & Diego Pinera
trio 'An East African Journey' with  Steve Argüelles & Christophe ‘Disco’ Minck 
trio with Paolo Fresu & Trilok Gurtu
quarteto AfroCubano
project with big band

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