Omar Sosa

Origin: Cuba

Sosa's music is the unifying sort, yoking together Africa and jazz and Latin America and hip-hop.

Omar Sosa

About us

Omar Sosa has not only received several Grammy nominations for his albums, the Cuban is also without doubt the highest regarded pianist of the current generation. Sosa's music covers a wide stylistic spectrum and is moulded by diverse influences: the composer and pianist creates an individual blend of Cuban music, African elements, jazz, avantgarde and World Music. His career embodies the expansive outlook of a visionary artist who has taken Monk’s uncompromising spirit to heart, while working ceaselessly to craft and project a unique, cosmopolitan voice. his art encompasses a remarkable range of influences: European symphonic repertoire, religious music of Gnawa, traditional sounds of Senegal and other far-flung idioms have coursed through his work.

Touring bands: 
duo with Paolo Fresu
duo with Gustavo Ovalles
duo with Stracho Temelkovski
duo with Joo Kraus
trio 'Suba' with Seckou Keita & Gustavo Ovalles
trio 'Aguas' with Yilian Canizares & Gustavo Ovalles
trio 'Vibe Factor' with Joo Kraus & Diego Pinera
trio 'An East African Journey' with  Steve Argüelles & Christophe ‘Disco’ Minck 
trio with Paolo Fresu & Trilok Gurtu
quarteto AfroCubano
project with big band

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Associated Projects

Line-up: Omar Sosa, piano - Yilian Canizares, violin, vocal - Gustavo Ovalles, percussion

A true symbiosis between two island musicians, the meeting of Omar Sosa's piano and Yilian Cañizares's violin!
Guided by a quest for universalism, she sings in Spanish, Yoruba and sometimes French, while playing the violin virtuoso and icing on the cake, she dances marvellously well...
Omar Sosa, a talented Cuban pianist, devotes all his energy and charisma to bringing cross-fertilisation to the fore, and the two artists pay tribute to their roots and traditions with a project dedicated to water. Omar Sosa & Yilian Cañizares, joined by percussionist Gustavo Ovalles, join forces to deliver a universal message. The songs range from the poignant to the exuberant, expressing the musical chemistry, poetic sensibilities and originality of the artists.

The poetic piano of Omar Sosa, the violin and nostalgic voice of Yilian Cañizares and the magical percussion of Gustavo Ovalles offer sensitive music at the confluence of jazz and Afro-Cuban music. The three musicians evoke their love of their homeland with nostalgia and delicacy. This is generous music whose serene atmospheres exude gentle emotions and a sense of peace and brotherhood.

Découvrir Omar Sosa & Yilian Canizares

Line-up: Omar Sosa - piano, fender rhodes / Seckou Keita - kora, vocal / Gustavo Ovalles - percussions

Omar Sosa, the Cuban pianist and composer with dazzling performances in both jazz and Afro-Cuban music.

Seckou Keita, Senegalese kora player and singer with a powerful, melodic head voice,

Gustavo Ovalles, the genial Venezuelan percussionist, fabulous with a hollow bamboo and incredible with maracas.

Découvrir Omar Sosa - Seckou Keita - Gustavo Ovalles

Line-up: Omar Sosa – Piano, Ernesto Simpson – Drums, Childo Tomas – Electric Bass, Leandro Saint-Hill – Soprano Saxophone

Internationally renowned Cuban pianist Omar Sosa draws his influences from his Afro-Cuban roots, as well as from jazz, hip-hop, world music and electro.

While he has always kept one foot firmly planted in the traditions of his native island, this citizen of the world has shown an insatiable curiosity, tirelessly exploring music from the Caribbean to India, and from West Africa to the Arab world. This diversity of experience and sense of openness is reflected in the fabulous 'afrocubano' quartet, where Childo Tomas (bassist originally from Mozambique) rubs shoulders with Ernesto Simpson (drums) and Leandro Saint-Hill (saxes, flute, percussion...). A celebration of rhythm in all its forms, an Omar Sosa concert is always an intense, total experience - some might even say mystical!

Découvrir Omar Sosa quarteto AfroCubano

Line-up: Paolo Fresu, trumpet - Omar Sosa, piano

Two unique and distinctive musical voices combine traditional and progressive musical elements from Italy and Cuba. Both are master musicians with illustrious careers, expanding musical boundaries and exploring new cultures.

Découvrir Paolo Fresu - Omar Sosa

Line-up: Paolo Fresu (trompette, bugle) - Omar Sosa (piano) - Trilok Gurtu (percussions)

Paolo Fresu - Omar Sosa - Trilok Gurtu: three of the most talented tenors in contemporary jazz unite for a trio full of colors and sounds

 Paolo Fresu, the famous Sardinian trumpeter with such a personal and vibrant interpretation,
- Omar Sosa, the Cuban pianist and composer with brilliant performances in both jazz and Afro-Cuban music
- Trilok Gurtu, the Indian percussionist whose virtuosity has accompanied the greatest, from Joe Zawinul to John Mac Laughlin.

Découvrir Paolo Fresu - Omar Sosa - Trilok Gurtu