Omar Sosa Vibe Factor

Origin: Cuba - Allemagne

a colourful mix, a musical firework exploding in a thousand colours - exciting, varied, modern and electrifying


Joo Kraus - Trumpet, Flügelhorn, Vocals, FX / Omar Sosa - Flügel, Synthesizer / Diego Pinera - Drums, Percussion, FX

Omar Sosa Vibe Factor

About us

With their new trio project "vibe factor", Diego Piñera (drums, percussion), Omar Sosa (grand piano, synthesiser) and Joo Kraus (trumpet, voice, effects) embark on an extraordinary musical journey that takes them to the four corners of the world.

"Vibe factor' is a magical trio, you can really feel the flow, the shared vibrations - the alchemy is there! Together, they try new things, improvising, mixing roles and brewing up colourful new recipes. They use electronic instruments, a grand piano among them, Uruguayan drums and polyrhythms, building bass and drum sounds with the trumpet. Good humour and groovy vibes that sometimes invite you to have fun, sometimes to dance, and always make you smile. All these ingredients and experiences make up the trio's creative, multi-genre sound and infectious energy.
The result of these musical recipes is a colourful mix, a musical firework that explodes in a thousand colours - exciting, varied, modern and electrifying. From calm and sensual to powerful, spicy, dynamic and complex. Depending on the wind that blows, the shared journey unfolds in the most diverse of spheres.